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Treating Specific Diseases

Men who are occupied in the restoration of health to other men, by the joint exertion of skill and humanity, are above all the great of the earth. They even partake of divinity, since to preserve and renew is almost as noble as to create..” - Voltaire

Ayurvedam4you takes great pride in bringing forth doctors to your vicinity who are skilled in treating specific diseases and aliments.

The team at Ayurvedam4you would be glad to act as a guide and arrange requisites like contacting the doctor for direct queries, stay facility and budget preparing.

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Our Panel of Doctors

  • Dr. Sasikumar Nechiyil (BAMS, M.D [Ay.])

    • ⟶  Rasasastra
    • ⟶  Sidheswara Drugs
    • ⟶  Panchakarma
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  • Dr. K.P. Manikandan (BAMS, PGCCH)

    • ⟶  Dyslexia
    • ⟶  Bala Chikitsa
    • ⟶  Panchakarma
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  • Dr. Vinod Krishnan K T (BAMS)

    • ⟶  specializing in Marma
    • ⟶  specializing in Sports medicine
    • ⟶  sports injuries by kalari methods
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  • Dr. Vijith (BAMS)

    • ⟶  Parkinson’s Disease
    • ⟶  Degenerative Brain Disorders
    • ⟶  Panchakarma
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  • Dr. Neethu S Jith (BAMS)

    • ⟶  Gyneacology & Infertility
    • ⟶  Ano-Rectal Cases
    • ⟶  Bala Chikitsa
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  • Dr. Nandini Varma (BAMS, PGDOR)

    • ⟶  Geriatric Rehabilitation
    • ⟶  Orthopedic Rehabilitation
    • ⟶  Spine Clinic
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