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Our Panel of Doctors

Specialist in Orthopedic rehabilitation

Dr Nandani Varma is an alumni of Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda College Ollur. Armed with a degree from the college, she presented various papers on subjects such as Rheumatoid Vasculistis, Orthopedic Rehabilitation etc. She is an adherent reader and also being a quick learner, she developed interest in specific areas of treatments. She has assisted Dr. T. Sreekumar in translation of various Ayurveda texts to English. Each day is a new day for and she applies all knowledge in treating and curing her patients. She also capable of building a quick rapport with people who are in contact with her, her patients trust and benefit from her treatments.

In Dr Nandini Varma's Palazhi Ayurveda Clinic, we provide authentic Ayurveda treatments especially for spine disorders, musculoskeletal diseases and chronic joint diseases combined with the principles of Orthopedic Rehabilitation, thus enabling you to experience authentic ayurveda coupled with principles of modern physiatry.We also provide effective treatments for acute and chronic respiratory diseases like asthma and allergy.

Apart from the specializations, we provide treatments for various neurological diseases, gynecological conditions, weight management programs, rejuvenation programs, stress relief programs and ayurvedic beauty services.



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