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Geriatric Rehabilitation

Modern medicine has evolved a separate branch for the cure of illnesses of the aged called as geriatric medicine. It focuses mainly on the health care problems of the elderly. Ayurveda, has a broad spectrum of preventive measures for combating the ageing process. A healthy and successful ageing is what everyone desires. It can be brought about by developing a safe and cost-effective protocol for geriatric care on the basis of Ayurvedic life-style management, balanced geriatric diet, Rasāyana therapy and Panchakarma.

What is the objective of Geriatric Rehabilitation ?

1. To evaluate the current status of geriatrics and the common disorders of the aged

2. To discuss the concepts of geriatric nutrition

3. To discuss the geriatric health care measures in Ayurveda

What is the role of Ayurveda in Geriatric Rehabilitation?

Ayurveda offers a wide range of therapies i.e. rasāyana, panchakarma, lifestyle changes, diet modification etc for the promotion of health of elderly. It initiates the customers into a routine which fits each of them individually. Treatments, or rather care for joints, muscles and mind are integrated into one in this specialization. Old or new joint issues, life style disorders, mental stress and various musculoskeletal issues are addressed with equal importance The rejuvenative and rehabilitative effects of rasāyana and panchakarma can be utilised in the field of geriatric health care.

How does Ayurvedam4you help with treatment?

There is a proper treatment and routine for Geriatric Rehabilitation in Ayurvedam. Ayurvedam4you can direct you to the best doctors who can treat the elders and the hospitals have excellent facility. We can help arrange hospital and stay facilities. We can also arrange for you to speak to the doctor directly. The treatments can be done by frequent visits to the doctor or by gifting the elders a relaxed stay at a proper Ayurvedic Resort!



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