Degenerative Brain Disorders

Degenerative Brain disorders affect more than 50 million people worldwide. It often strike older adults and are characterized by progressive deterioration of nerve cells, eventually leading to cell death. Researchers across globe are developing new and compelling ideas about the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders, with the goal of slowing or stopping their progression.

According to Ayurveda, Degenerative Brain disorders are caused due to imbalance in the function of ‘Tridoshas’, mainly ‘Vata’ dosha. ‘Aavarana’ plays a key role in these types of Degenerative brain disorders. With a combined protocol of Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments, Yoga, Physiotherapy and Counseling, majority of the Degenerative Brain disorders respond very well. The quality of life improves and longevity of life increases in almost all cases, slowly, over a period of time, many Degenerative Brain disorders can be cured.

Vata are five in numbers, namely Prana, Udana, Vyana, Apana & Samana. Prana, Udana and Vyana are primarily involved in the neurological disorders. The chronic imbalance in the Apana can also upset Prana, thereby causing insomnia, hallucinations, delusions, depression and schizophrenia. The primary site of Apana is in the Pelvic region and it governs the functions of the bladder, rectum, menstruation, ovulation, ejaculation and proper bowel movements. An imbalance of the Apana function could quickly upset the Prana, thereby weakening the Agni (digestive fire) of the Majja Dhatu (Nervous tissue). The weak Agni causes accumulation of Ama or toxin in the nervous tissue which could trigger an auto immune response and cause diseases. This complex interaction between doshas causes a chain reaction involving Pitta dosha and Kapha dosha. Udana Vayu is responsible for memory and mental energy. When affected causes memory loss, fatigue, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. If Prana Vayu is affected due to direct trauma to head or due to, too much stress, too much thinking or too many negative thoughts, one may develop tics, tremors, in-coordinated movements and later diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.

There are very effective proven treatment methodology for Degenerative Brain Disorders, as laid on in the classical texts of Ayurveda. Management of Degenerative Brain Disorders mainly consists of following procedures.

→ Samsodhana (Cleansing the body through Panchakarma Therapy)

→ Samsamana (Research based Internal Medicines)

→ Kaya Kalpa (Rejuvenation Therapy)

→ Sattvavajaya (Counseling/psychotherapy)

→ Yoga

→ Physiotherapy

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