Ayurevdic Cosmetology

Varnya – The Face Care

The ayurveddic face care treatments include facial cleansing, toning and rejuvenating treatments along with herbal steaming, medicated solution/ gel massage, mukhalepam, acne treatments and nasya. Each procedure utilizes natural ingredients. The carefully planned out face care treatments along with internal medication ensure that your skin glows naturally.

Kesya – The Hair Care

The treatment for thick, strong and glossy hair helps to ensure that the hair roots are firm and the scalp is healthy. Moisturising and massaging the scalp with medicated oils or herbal juices, nourishes and strengthen the hair roots and promotes hair growth. Along with hair fall treatments, there is anti- dandruff treatment, herbal head packs, hair conditioning, herbal fumigation, diet regulation and internal medication.

Kavya – The Body Care

Enrich your body through the natural way and regain the natural look. The range of body treatments include herbal body scrubs and wraps, medicated oil/gel/cream massages and herbal bath. There is also a special udawarathana (ayurvedic powder massage) which is a safe treatment to melt away fat and helps you to stay away from cellulite. There are panchakarma (purification therapies) along with internal medications focused on wellness and beauty.

Netra – The Eye Care

Our eyes being a very delicate organ; and it is said - the mirror of our soul - needs to be protected and cared for diligently. There is traditional treatment aids like medicated eye wash, applying herbal collyrium, herbal eye packs, dietary and routine regulations along with internal medications.

Dwayanga – The Hand and Foot Care

Beauty is not limited to the face; therefore taking care of your hands and feet is a must in order to remain beautiful. The ayurvedic hand and foot soaks, massage and wraps will fulfill the desire for beautiful hands and gorgeous feet.

Rasayana – The Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation means back to youth and rejuvenation therapy is primarily for retarding the ageing process. This include intake of Rasayana (special ayurvedic medicines an diet) and comprehensive body care programmes. It strengthens the whole system, boost up the immune system and generate a state of well-being. The treatment is more effective for either sex if undertaken before the age of 50.

Shraddha - Geriatric Rehabilitation

In Geriatric Rehabilitation, the customers are initiated into a routine, which fits each of them individually. Treatments, or rather care for joints, muscles and mind are integrated into one in this specialization. Old or new joint issues, life style disorders, mental stress and various musculoskeletal issues are addressed with equal importance. Tips and tricks for a smooth glide through the senior citizen life is our highlight.

Bala - Orthopedic Rehabilitation

The Orthopaedic Rehabilitation is a unique program which integrates Ayurveda and Rehabilitation Medicine. The principles of modern physiotherapy and physical medicine are incorporated along with the traditional Ayurveda treatments. Classical Ayurveda Panchakarma, Sodhana therapies are provided as per the instructions of the doctor and are supported by the use of various orthoses and other orthopaedic assistive devices as per requirement.

Prana - Respiratory Clinic

Symptoms of Asthma & other respiratory problems vary over time, and also differ in severity from one person to another. In case, it is not timely diagnosed & effectively treated, these problems often leads to hospitalization, missed work and school, less physical activeness, sleepless nights and even death in some cases. Respiratory issues like allergy, asthma, various types of bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis and many more are managed through specialized treatment protocols integrating sodhana therapy, samana therapy, yoga and pranayama.

Jeeva - Spine Clinic

The changing life style and work nature is taking a toll on the people, and mainly their spines. Spinal issues are common in everyone, defying the barriers of age, sex and region. Postural deformities, degenerative conditions, intervertebral disc diseases, spasms and other issues which are complained of as “back pain” is treated with utmost care and specification so as to provide maximum relief to the customer.