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Infantile eczema

Eczema (or 'atopic dermatitis'), is a very common, itchy skin disorder in children, throughout the western and many parts of the world. Most children outgrow their infantile eczema while a few continue to suffer from the disease more or less for the rest of their lives.

What are the symptoms of infantile eczema?

Babies with infantile eczema develop an itchy red rash, often first on their cheeks. Because of the itching, the child may seem upset or irritable, particularly at night. The rash is normally dry, but if the skin is infected with bacteria, the eczema will begin to produce pus. This is a danger signal, and you should consult your doctor or a dermatologist if this occurs. A lot of people, who suffer from an inherited tendency to develop allergies, also show signs of so-called atopic stigmata: darkness around the eyes and a double furrow beneath them, cracks near the ear lobes and itchiness when wearing woolen / thick clothes.

How does your child get infantile eczema?

The exact cause is yet unknown, it might run in the family. It's also common for children with the disease to suffer from asthma, hay fever or some other kind of allergic illness. The disease usually becomes apparent before the child reaches the age of five, and most frequently appears when the child is between two- and six-months old.

Who is particularly at risk?

Children, either of whose parents or siblings suffer from one of the 'atopic' diseases – hay fever, asthma or infantile eczema.

How does the doctor make the diagnosis?

The diagnosis is usually made on the basis of the visual appearances and the pattern of the disease.

Treatment of Infantile eczema in Ayurveda

Bal Roga or Kumar Bhritya is the branch of Ayurveda that deals with the healthcare and remedies of children. Treatments like Infantile eczema (karappan), various type of skin diseases, hyper activity, autism and all type of child diseases and many more are managed through our Bala Roga Chikitsa Department. Ayurveda has recommended the natural ways of treating health disorders of your younger ones in Kashyap Samhita, which protects the baby. Enormous emphasis has been laid down on how the natural health of an infant can be restored.

How does Ayurvedam4you help with treatment?

There is a proper treatment for Infantile eczema in Ayurvedam. Ayurvedam4you is in touch with the best doctors who exclusively treat Infantile eczema and the hospitals have excellent facility. As we understand that the treatment is comparatively long in duration, we can help arrange hospital and stay facilities. We can also arrange for you to speak to the doctor directly.



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