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D Plus : D Plus is a Patient Management System specifically designed to meet the requirements of Ayurvedic Doctors. It has features like Recording Patient History, Tracking & Fixing Appointments, List of Prescribed Medicines & uploading of Medical Files. For more Informations, please contact +91 97450 39123


→ An in depth search engine for getting detailed information about location of clinics and OP timings of Ayurvedic doctors, location of hospitals and Ayurvedic resorts.

→ A specialized panel of prominent doctors with advanced credentials and experience in their area of expertise to consult for specific diseases like Autism, Parkinsons’ disease, Ophthalmic diseases and Geriatric rehabilitation to name a few

→ Prompt and efficient support for doctor consultation or allocation of hospitals/ resorts as per customer requirements

→ Providing Ayurveda treatment packages for 3/7/11 days as per customer need

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