Ayurvedam4you is a service-based business portal that aims to act as a mediator. Our knowhow and experience has been combined to truncate the gap between business requirements/needs and customer wants. Ayurvedam4you specifically helps to identify the exact requirements of a customer or service provider. This requirement/ needs are the foundation on which the strategy of Ayurvedam4you is built. We pride ourselves in being the biggest resource agent in Kerala to provide information about Ayurveda. We have a customer service model approach to cater to all requirements explicitly and frame decisions for you, no matter how tough they seem to you. The stage is set to collectively perform, adopting premium standards of honesty, reliability, and dedication. This team sprit can be gauged by the tireless effort and loyalty of each individual to create a masterpiece. We are a devoted team of die-hard professionals who stand ever ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

the common man

You can direct enquires about any aliment to our panel of doctors and they would respond within a stipulated 72 hours. Purchase of medicines can be facilitated online and queries made about the availability of medicines. Feel free to leaf through our lifestyle page for a better understanding of food and health. Blogs of our doctors make a good read too. So, we welcome everyone without any prejudice.

Career options

This is a massive opening door carved from direct requirements of the ayurvedic doctors. A panel has been specially appointed to take care of this wing at Ayurvedam4you. Applications for doctors can be loaded and a search for the right openings would begin for the candidate. A step up support for the applicant would be given until the candidate finds the right place to join.
For the recruiters too there are forms available to check in for the right candidate. A back end support with proper details would be supplied to the recruiter and only resumes of candidates who meet the requisites would be passed on to the recruiters.

the Ayurvedic Pharma

A platform has been created for business dealings, selling and buying of products. You can build a whole new marketing strategy by advertising on the portal. A reach that would not only help you clear your shelf with quick responses but also make your products available to the needy around the world.

the Ayurvedic Doctors

Our blogs are open to incorporate your articles; your specialized treatments can be set on our wall of fame. Our on-line marketing team will generate enquires and a clientele for you. Make your profile available to people in need around the world. Buy online medicines from authentic providers; also purchase raw and organic products for your pharmaceuticals.

Organic Products

A platform has been meticulously designed for organic products as Ayurvedam4you perfectly understands and appreciates its market value in the Ayurvedic pharmaceutical industry. Products sold here should be authentic and vouched for quality. A direct meeting or an online meeting would be required with the producers before the products are uploaded on to ayurvedam4you.com. An inevitable arena for trade would be generated and actively marketed. An arena for the producers to showcase their products directly to their target audience.

Ayurvedic Plants

We as citizens of India take pride in the copious medical resource readily available to us. At ayurvedam4you, we have brought a bouquet of plants with information about them for you to browse through. This information has been collected by a bunch of enthusiastic Ayurvedic students. The students of Ayurveda can make use of this session and this would also help the research and development.


Blogs have been included so that the latest information and the essence of Ayurvedam is not restricted to a handful of people. These blogs are meant to help one and all who are into Ayurveda. If you are an expert in any tiny aspect of Ayurveda, kindly pen down a few lines to us and who knows it would be the talk of the town! Learning and understanding Ayurvedam in this new style could generate great interest.

Promotional Activities

The marketing would be done on three or four platforms- direct, social media (Face book, Whatsapp, Twitter), campaign via print media. Ayurvedic Doctors and hospitals would be highlighted according to the treatments available. The forum would aim to spread the charisma of Ayurveda abroad so that the goodness of Ayurveda spreads across borders. The participants of the web can call us any time to update their products and specialties so as to get maximum benefit.

Books and Library

An online store of Ayurvedic books just for you! Buy/ Sell/ Read/ Share is what this session on Ayurvedam4you is all about. AVP has set up its online store here. Kindly visit this session on ayurvedam4you.