Back to Life

Case Study, Dr. Sasikumar Nechiyil


Mr Ishaque kurikkal, one of the most popular leaders of Muslim League, was on his way to inaugurate a hospital in Manjeri when he met with an accident in 2000. Among his co-passengers, a doctor died on the spot while the District Collector and the District medical Officer along with Mr Kurikkal were injured.

Mr Kurikkal had a severe head injury, and was in comma for about two months. After years of treatments in various hospitals including psychiatric treatments, hestarted walking, but had serious problems remained unsolved. He had memory problems, and could not stand even minor physical strain. It was unbearable for a person who had been in active politics for decades. He decided to seek the help of Ayurveda and came to meet me in 2005, five years after that accident.

His first visit was on December 4, 2005. He had problems such as pain and numbness in both palms and feet; pain in the finger joints while folding them; swelling on right hand; irritation, red colour and swelling in right eye. And most importantly, he had trouble with his memory. It took time to recall recent topics or experiences but he could clearly remember old topics. He was diagnosed a diabetic in 1980. He had weird dreams in the night, and when awaken, could not remember where he slept the past night.

I diagnosed that his problems were diabetes (madhumeha) and severe head injury on a vital point (shiro-marma-abhikhatha). I had to manage his memory problem, diabetes and physical inabilities together. He was here for 18 days during his first visit. In order to manage diabetes, Nisakathakadi kashayam and Sootha vangam bhasmam (a special Siddha preparation) were given as internal medicines.

To heal the after-effects of head injury, he was given Dasamoolarasnadi Kashayaam, Dhanwantharam kashayam and Brihadvatha Chinthamani rasam(a very special siddha preparation). Main treatments were Thalam, Sirodhara, Kaati dhara (dhanyamla-dhara) Abhyangam, Nasyas and Virechanam. A Lepam with Marmavattu was also applied. Thalam with Sanandadi thailam (a very special oil of northern Kalari tradition of Kerala) was the first treatment, followed by Dhanyamladhara over the whole body for two days. Then Sirodhara was started with Moordhamritam oil (of vadakkan kalari tradition), which we specially prepare. Sirodhara continued for 14 days.

He was also given Abhyangam (oil massage) using Kottamchukkadi and Dhanwantharam thailam. The next procedure was Nasyas with Sthanyam and Karpasasthyadi oil. Virechanam was the final procedure. After 18 days of treatment, he went back to home with instructions on daily routine. He had cooperated very well to the treatment procedures.

He came back next year and his conditions were better. He was happy that most of his problems were reduced. He got a relief from the pain and numbness in palms and feet. Memory, though not completely clear, showed remarkable improvement especially on getting up in the morning. The pain he had while folding fingers was completely cured. Diabetes was under control. This time, on his second visit on July 28, he reported swelling in right knee (started just two days back before coming to the hospital), numbness in both lower limbs and stiffness in right hand fingers. He was mainly given Kaati dhara and 14 days of Sirodhara. Nisakathakadi kashayam, Rasna Erandadi kashayam (to reduce the swelling on right knee) and Soothavangam bhasmam were given as internal medicines. In addition to that, Manasamithram gulika also was given. The final treatment was Virechanam.

After this session, the numbness in both lower limbs and stiffness in right hand fingers found considerably subsided. His sugar levels were found to be normal. In 2007, in his next visit, he reported pain in fingers and right knee, slight memory problem and diabetes. The main treatment was Pizhichil with Kottam chukkadi and Balaswagandhadi oils. The duration of Pizhichil was 14 days. For his knee pain, a special treatment Pichu was done for 12 days. Internal medicines were the same for diabetes. He was really fit at the time of discharge and the knee pain subsided remarkably. He took treatment every year without fail and showed remarkable improvement.

And the main treatments were Sirodhara and Pizhichil. During his last visit, he was given Soothavangam bhasmam and Kaisoragulgulu mixed in Dhanwantharam kashayam along with Nisakathakadi choornam. Ksheerabala oil was used for sirodhara. Pizhichil was done with Balaswagandhadi and Kottamchukkadi oils. Now, Mr Kurikkal is full of confidence about himself and is all praise for Ayurveda.

“I have full confidence in the efficacy of Ayurveda and I recommend it to all”- Mr Ishaque Kurikkal, Municipal Chairman, Manjeri.

He is physically fit and his memory is so clear and he is as active in his social work as he was before his accident. His diabetes is also under control. Mr Kurikkal went back to active politics. He successfully contested the municipal elections and went on to become the Chairman of Manjeri municipality.

The accident cost him some precious years when he was on his way to make it big in Kerala politics. With his confidence in himself, and with the backing of Ayurveda, I am confident that he will reach where he is destined. I would like to stress one point as a major contributory factor to his remarkable recovery: the surgeries done to him were very precise. The internal medicines and external treatments of Ayurveda worked wonderfully as well and the main achievement is the complete cure of his memory problem.