CLINICAL CASE STUDY:- Central Serous Retinopathy



I got a call from Mr.Goutham Krishna 31 yrs old male who works at the United States of America via phone on the last week of May 2018. He described his condition as having black floaters and objects seems to be bended in right eye since March 2018.

Mr.Goutham Krishna also mentioned that his investigations and treatments at the ‘ BYERS EYE INSTITUTE, SANFORD UNIVERSITY IN USA’ reveled that he had developed macular edema. with serous epithelial detachment on right eye.(The presence of muscular edema (increased high T2/STIR signal) on MRI carries an extremely broad differential. They include: trauma. effects of direct injury or tear ). This condition was diagnosed as central serous retinopathy in right eye. He was given eye drops as medication.


The vision further worsen with increased macular edema , Mr. Gautam Krishna was then asked to go in for a laser therapy but the risk of undering going a laser was huge as it was a risk prone area, thus it could not be performed.

Case Study in Detail

After a detail study on the report submitted to us, I made my own analysis and advised him to come for an Ayurvedic Eye Tretment. Mr. Gautam Krishan was at my chamber within 2 weeks and he came directly to me from the US. After briefing hime of the procedures in treating him, it was suggested that he would be admitted to Sitharam Ayurveda Hospital at Thrissur in Kerala for 21days.

The treatment procedures were strict and adhered with great care. As a result after 18 days of treatment quality of vision improved.

He was sent him for OCT and retinal evaluation to I Vision Hospital at Thrissur and the following is letter and report from the scan.


The letter above describes that there is a significant reduction of CSR. This improvement in vision elated Mr. Gautam Krishna and he stayed back for further treatment. His vision continued to improve and after 5 more days and of treatment his vision again improved 6/6p, he was discharged.

It needs to be specially mentioned that Dr. Anup of I Vision Hospital says that it is impossible for any other stream of medicine to bring in such drastic change within a short span of time.