Dr. Shine Mohan Talapully - BAMS
Consulting Physician & C.E.O


Dr. Shine Mohan is part of a family serving in the field of Ayuveda for the past 4 generations. A tradition that was established in 1897, by TALAPULLY KRISHNAN VAIDYAR who learned Ayurveda from PORUTHIYIL KELAN VAIDYAR, under the GURUKULA SYSTEM OF EDUCATION. The tradition was continued by his son Talapully Ramankutty Vaidyar, followed by BY Dr. T. Krishna Mohan(D.A.M – Diploma In Ayurvedic Medicine) and now has entered in to 4th generation by DR. Shine Mohan Talapully (B.A.M.S – Bacheloror of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) The Ayurvedic medicines prescribed are manufactured in their own factory under their supervision and are experts in PANCHAKARMA , the five purifactory procedures mentioned in Ayurveda.